Saturday, March 22, 2008

Glancing Back ... Looking Forward ...

My Horoscope for Friday read:

Changes in friendships or physical location may bring changes in your family. Someone who has been an important part of your life may not be there in the same way anymore, and you will be spending part of your time sorting through emotions about this change.

And my Horoscope for Saturday reads:

Your subconscious mind is working overtime today, processing wild ideas and information, some of which could come to you from secret sources. You will find that you are drawn to spiritual and metaphysical topics and are attracting people with some pretty wild ideas.

Friday's pretty much summarizes my day as it unfolded ... and Saturday's holds nothing but possibility and potential ... I see no down side here!!

Life is good !!

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sallie said...

these are just my thoughts...
you can't get
"THERE" from "HERE"
in other words, the only way through is day by day, working your way through each minute by minute, hour by hour.
Some minutes are slow, as the mill grinds, and some are smoother... gradually things will indeed be looking up.
My own pastor always said you cannot get to the joy of Easter Sunday without working all the way through the season, Lent, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday... you know.
...just thoughts