Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A NEARLY Perfect moment ...

On the CD player is title track of "Stablemates" from
the Early Trane CD set I bought yesterday.
In my hand is a fine coffee picked up from
the coffee shop in town,
where as I step in the door,
my morning coffee:
Prairie Blend, Black Xrta-Large,
it is poured and then offered with a friendly smile
and a warm hello by the beautiful staff
BEFORE I even have to ask ...
(I was late getting there today - THEY noticed)
... and as I sat savouring the coffee, the music,
and this extra-ordinary moment I read:
In America, the first generation out of slavery
invented Jazz music. It is a free-form expression.
It comes from the soul, and it is TRUE!
In this moment, listening to Coltrane,
it's hard to argue ... it's moment to savour
and to linger in ...

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Anonymous said...

nice moment, gather strength, enjoy...