Saturday, March 15, 2008


Over the last year, my life energy was described
as being like that of a TIGER.
The person sharing this view with me said:
"you are powerful and intimidating,
you're big and scary,
you have confidence and authority,
you attract and terrify,
you move quietly and silently,
and suddenly when you appear you scare
the living hell out of people
by your mere presence ...
when you roar and bare your teeth and unsheathe
your claws the fear you invoke is real and visceral ...
... you are a mix of contradictions
with a strength and a ferociousness
that intimidates everyone but the very strong.
AND yet, you remain very much a
big house cat who wants to play, and lounge
and watch the world unfold ...
... but when the Tiger rises to act, or hunt ...
THEN things will happen ..."
I think she was right ...
In this moment, the Tiger has found a quiet place to rest,
but like his untamed counterparts,
he is watching ...
Yesterday I read a passage in a book about Alpha Predators that
described tracking a Siberian Tiger in the Russian wilderness.
The author noted that they KNEW the tiger was there, and the
electronic tracking device on the tiger confirmed it,
and at times they knew it was watching ...
... but not once did they SEE it.
They beat a hasty retreat, leaving the forest sentinel
alone in the wilderness to find other prey.
Today, this tiger is moving silently through what
fragments remains of his territory ...
... he is watching ...
... he is listening ...
... he is being present to what is ...
he is no longer afraid of
his power,
his strength,
his weakness,
his ferociousness,
his presence in the world,
his passion,
his intellect,
and MOST OF ALL - he doesn't
what anyone else thinks of HIM,
because they have NEVER take time
to look into the deep dark shadowed places of his being
and see who he REALLY is inside ...
They simply don't know the real soul lurking inside.
and that is THEIR LOSS, not his.
One day the Tiger will make his presence known ...
... today remains a day for quiet...
Those who need it:

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