Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Reclaiming a Meme ...

Back on February 25th, I received and accepted a Meme (click here to revisit the post), and I in turn forwarded it on to Shauna over at Up in the Night, UNFORTUNATELY, Shauna tagged Carrie Wilson from Fully Caffeinated (a Blog I thoroughly enjoy) but Carrie only added a comment and it would seem that our Meme has stopped there ...

Well, I'm not sure if there are rules on these things ... but tonight I'm going to reach out (or back) and reclaim the Meme and revive it ... I will not delete either Shauna's or Carrie's contributions, but I will leave them there and hand the Meme on to another blogger ... so to recap Shauna wrote:

Prairie Preacher has tagged me with this interesting meme. My Own Woman created it and these are her instructions:

1. List ONE desire that you have if you could live in a perfect world.

2. Then send a link to ONE person who will then copy your desire and add ONE desire of his own that he/she would want in his/her perfect world.

3. He/She will then link ONE person who will add his/her perfect world item.....and on and on.

Make sure you leave the name of the person you linked to everyone can see who you linked and what the perfect world will contain."Because this meme hasn’t gone too far yet, I thought I’d include all participants’ descriptions of their perfect world."

"In My Own Woman's perfect world people of all sexes, creeds, race, and sexual orientation would live in perfect harmony with each other. Hate crimes against such people would be a note in a history book so as not to be repeated. "

We love Shawn, the Prairie Preacher, and here’s what he added:

“In The Prairie Preacher's perfect world, I would definitely and absolutely affirm what My Own Woman has offered ... but I would add as my one desire that instead of easily speaking words like respect, care, faith, love and so on, EVERYONE would live out those words through their actions ... if we claim to be a person of faith, our lives will reflect that faith in ALL things ... or if we join a service club with a code of ethics or a value statement we don't just speak the words and ignore them, but we LIVE them with every action, and every breathe ... My desire in a perfect world would be to see ALL PEOPLE live the words they speak and no longer be so hypocritical."

Those really are perfect. And I would add:

In Up in the Night’s perfect world all people would look out for one another, performing small and large acts of service in efforts to make one another’s loads just a little lighter.

Now I tag Carrie at Fully-Caffeinated to discover what her perfect world entails.

Carrie, in Shauna's comments column added one word: LOVE.

SSSOOOO, on behalf of Shauna and myself I pass this Meme on to CandyGirlFlies over at "I Can Fly, Just Not Up." to add her idea of what a perfect world would entail ... Hopefully this will help bring much needed sunshine to her days ... What say you CandyGirlFlies????

So, we await CandyGirlFlies' reply ...

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