Friday, March 21, 2008

In THAT moment ...

The shadows are safe ... almost protective ...
You can live in the shadows comfortably,
denying your heart,
silencing your soul,
and ignoring the truth that yearns to be
from deep within your being.
The darkness of the shadows is a
very good place to HIDE.
From yourself,
from others,
But in that moment when you can no longer hide,
when the truth stirs within you,
and you KNOW in the depth of your being
that you yearn for, want, need AND
In that moment the shadows
lose their feel of safety.
Now we fear the shadows,
for they may give away our deep dark secrets,
we fear letting the truth out,
we fear NOT living a LIE.
That moment WILL come,
when the lie we've told ourselves is
no longer enough to
stifle our heart,
and imprison our soul.
From the depth of our being,
will arise a passionate yearning for MORE.
Our soul will cry out,
and the truth will break free ...
... and we will at last move from the
deep dark place of denial,
and we will embrace the
full and glorious light of TRUTH!!!
Until THAT moment,
we deny ourselves only
the fullness of love,
the freedom of wholeness,
the transformation of happiness,
the completeness of self that comes
only when we stop lurking in
the deep dark shadows of
unworthiness and
In THAT moment,
when our eyes, our heart, our soul
and our being are fully open ...
... in THAT MOMENT will
come the wholeness
we all need and DESERVE.
I've FINALLY found that moment ...
... and it begins with the TRUTH
that I DESERVE more
than what has been ...
The truth shall set you free !!

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