Saturday, September 08, 2007

Dammit !!!

At the risk of being dubbed a "copy cat" I JUST have to use this picture ...

I found it last night on the net when I was looking for photos of Stratford to accompany a piece I've been working on that is reflecting on "being home" over the last couple of weeks.

This morning I signed on to the net and went visiting my favourite blogs only to discover that my friend and fellow blogger Candygirlflies over at I Can Fly, Just Not Up had posted a piece entitled "This is my home " wherein she reflects on the fast weekend visit she and her daughters have made to Stratford, and the things they will do on a very busy and fun-filled weekend "HOME."

While I applaud the piece and the writing and all that it involves. I was left with the realization that once again (and THIS is NOT new in my friendship with CGF !!), I had been scooped in both the tone, the content AND the pictures ... I was left scrambling.

So instead of prattling on about my trip "home." I suggest you read CandyGirlFlies' entry and I for one simply tip my hat to her and her writing ... though I JUST HAD TO POST THE PICTURE ... it was too good NOT TOO !!!

Gotta love those Swans !!

This week as roamed around Stratford on my bike, and spent time connecting with people I haven't seen in years I realized how important that little town nestled on the banks of the majestic Avon River is to me ... and I realized how much I missed it ... it's more than chocolate and bookstores ... it's about having a place to call home.

And like CGF ... Stratford remains THAT for me ...

Dayenu !!!

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Sorry, just couldn't resist.

xo CGF