Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Vulture as Totem:

Some of the things I've learned about the mythos surrounding the Vulture as Totem:

Because it is regarded as a carrion eater, the Vulture is often looked down upon. But the vulture, from its vantage point high in the sky on its broad wings, looks down on creation and the human creatures therein.

From its high soaring flight, the vluture looks down and see all and knows all of what is done to Mother Earth. The vulture occupies the role of guardian over the earth.

The Cherokee people call the Vulture the "Peace Eagle" because it kills nothing, but rather consumes what has been killed by others or that which has died of other causes.

The role of the Vulture is regarded as a sacred duty performed for all life forms. The toxins, pathogens and diseases that are possible from the decomposition and rotting of life forms are substantial. The role of the Vulture is to clean up the mess.

As it performs its duty, the Vulture acts with purpose, accomplishing the will of the Creator with honour and without complaint. The Vulture simply does what is needed to be done to clean up and protect creation.

To many the Vulture is replusive and ugly, but with grace and beauty it floats upon the invisible air riding the currents defying gravity with its huge wings opened under the sun.

Most of all the Vulture teaches us that nasty jobs of service, those jobs that need to be done, the jobs no one else wants to do are rewarded with great gifts.

As a totem the Vulture is the reminder of the promise that ALL hardship is temporary and necessary for a higher purpose.

And once the Vulture enters your life as a totem or a guide, it remains with you for life ...

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