Friday, September 14, 2007

Is it a bad thing ???

My day thus far:
7:20 am - woke up far to early to the sounds of one child in the shower (yes !!)
7:24 am - went downstairs to get coffee on
7:32 am - coffee brewing ... heard the sounds of a second child in the shower (yes!!)
7:33 am - asked who wanted what for lunch
7:34 am - started preparing and packing lunches
7:37 am - coffee ready enough for first cup (fair trade of course !!)
7:38 am - started the first load of laundry
7:45 am - called all three children to have breakfast
7:55 am - finished the lunches and started signing various forms and sheets
8:00 am - started on my second cup of coffee
8:04 am - empty all the garbage cans in the house, gather up recyclables
8:10 am - the phone starts ringing ... none for me ... kids & friends
8:11 am - garbage and recycling to the curb
8:15 am - breakfast was finished, and yesterday's dishes put away (no dishwasher here)
8:20 am - start getting kids out the door
8:28 am - all three kids head off to school
8:30 am - first load of laundry to the line (wave to neighbours while in pjs!)
8:40 am - finish hanging laundry on the line - start second load - prowl house for third ...
8:50 am - read Brandon Newspaper
9:05 am - time for MY shower
9:20 am - dressed and ready for my day ...
10 am - pick up all three kids for eye doctor appointment in Brandon
10:02 am - picture day ... have to figure out schedule and who will miss photo op ...
10:05 am - herd kids to car
10:07 am - head down the highway for Brandon
10:50 am - arrive in Brandon for the appointment at 11
12:10 pm - appointments complete, head back to Minnedosa
12:50 pm - drop the kids off at school, head home to go to Doctor's appointment
1:10 pm - arrive for Doctor's appointment at clinic
1:45 pm - finish appointment, leave with prescription for ritalin (30 days - worth a shot)
2:00 pm - home for MY lunch
2:15 pm - second load of laundry on line (no third load)
3:00 pm - start walk to school via post office, library and pharmacy
3:25 pm - pick up kids from school and walk home
3:45 pm - stop at Pharmacy to pick up prescription
3:50 pm - stop at Farmer's Market - girls buy piles of stuff
4:15 pm - arrive home - start supper (tuna & veggie casserole)
4:30 pm - tidy up kitchen, do dishes, and other chores
5:00 pm - sit and rest for a bit
6:00 pm - supper ready ... one extra kid ... How's that happen??
6:10 pm - have my supper ... find 1/3 a bottle of Cat Pee on a Gooseberry Bush in fridge ...

Is it a bad thing to drink straight out of the bottle ??
Saves dirtying a glass doesn't it??

So that was my day ...

I'm still smiling ...


Candygirlflies said...

I can't believe it...

You got to read the paper?!

And sit down and REST for a bit??!!

And to top it off...


Not in my world, baby... Not in mine...

shauna said...

Wow, that is quite the day. You deserve a long weekend.

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. It's great to have a male weigh in on some of these issues. (Especially one who regularly changes the toilet paper rolls!)

Indigo said...

I leave for NZ in 2 weeks. I wil see if there is any other feline urine available.