Thursday, September 13, 2007

Worth Mentioning AGAIN:

Aaaaahhhhhhh, Now I feel like I have to blush ...

I came home this afternoon and found a comment posted on my blog from the woman pictured above (see the 1000th Posting - This Woman ROCKS!!) who writes The Assertive Cancer Patient, a Blog I've discovered recently. Click above to learn more about Jeanne and her fabulous blog.

But today when I signed on to her blog I found a wonderful compliment posted there about this little old BLOG!!!

Jeanne's words are warm and kind ... and I am touched.

So - THANK YOU Jeanne for your words. I really appreciate it ... I feel the same about your blog. It and you are an inspiration.

Click here to see what Jeanne says about me over at The Assertive Cancer Patient !!

And spend some time checking out her blog - it's great !!


laughing pastor said...

man you get around....did any of my emails get to you. i replied and sent twice. if not we need to try again!
Laughing Pastor

Indigo said...


She is wonderful. I love her. If David was not so busy taking care of me I'fd offer him!!!!!!!!!