Monday, September 24, 2007

A VERY Good Problem To Have ...

Today when I walked to the Grocery store and on to the school to pick up the kids, the shorts I had gotten back in June for the summer - the shorts that were a bit snug when I bought them - were LITERALLY falling off me !!!!

I EVEN had my belt pulled to the tightest notch ... and still I needed to keep one hand on the belt to keep my pants from sliding down and off me as I walked !!!

YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've gone from a snug 40" waist to a loose 36" waist !!!!!

I guess I have to punch a couple new holes in the belt tonight ...

Gee ... it's such a terrible thing isn't it ????

1 comment:

laughing pastor said...

I'm stuck at 210. Guess I need to climb on that dang bike like you suggested.