Monday, September 17, 2007

Update on Rat Food ...

Earlier today one my loyal readers appeared in the comment section of the blog - I'd like the Thank Old Anonymous for making an appearance.

One of their comments was worth posting, the other comment: ... well, if you're gonna call me names, I'm gonna hit the delete button!!

But I will say in reply to THAT non-posted comment, "yes there is a fine, fine eye doctor in Minnedosa, I like the man and his family, and I can't offer an explanation for why we go to Brandon for our eye appointments ..."

Secondly, I never said I wasn't a hypocrite and I wasn't calling anyone else one ... I was offering suggestions by which we can help to make the world a better place ... One little step at a time.

The other comment from my dear friend Anonymous, I not only posted I also replied to ... AND THEN I hopped on my bike and went looking for Rat Food in town like they said ...

Didn't find it at Co-op ... I found Rat Poison, but NOT rat food ... there is a difference !!

I did however, indeed find Rat Food at Home Hardware - but the one labelled specifically as rat food are nutritional supplements NOT the daily food. The other bag is a "small animal" mix, that is a generalized daily food for a wide variety of small animals from mice thru rats to guinea pigs. I also checked the label to see if it the food was made in Canada - the nutritional supplement is a "made in Canada" product, as was the small animal mix ... so, I would consider it.

The only caveat (that's a warning or a hesitation) I have is the simple fact that our dear Rats Olivia (on the right) and Coco (on the left) have entered a palliative stage in their life. Both have developed a form of cancer that is common in rats and that will be part of their reality until they die ... So, in the coming days and weeks we need to play with their diet to see if we can stop the growth, and even turn it back ... To change their food now could be detrimental to their health and well-being ... but I would consider supplementing their current food with some of that available locally - it has lots of good stuff in it ...

Just so people don't think we are heartless pet owners, I point out that we, as a family could opt for what is VERY expensive surgery on our much loved little rodent pets - BUT ... I could NEVER justify surgery on two rats we bought for $6.99 ... We love them but ... THEY ARE RATS!!

So, for now, we're upping their diet of broccoli and other fresh veggies and we will continue to feed and water them with the best quality of food we can find for them here and in Brandon ...

But, for the moment - "Thanks" to Anonymous though for their input ... I wish you would have at least signed your name because I've said before I prefer to KNOW who is offering their comments around here - anonymity is tiresome and too often gets abusive ... But, I DO appreciate your comments and your helpful suggestion ... Next time sign your name though.

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