Monday, September 24, 2007

Hmmm ... I wonder ????

In getting caught up on my Blog reading this morning I came across a posting over at Alma's Soulfood, that noted yesterday was John Coltrane's Birthday ... How I missed THAT eludes me ... I'll blame the cleaning frenzy, and leave it at that ... I was even listening to Coltrane CDs as I was furiously cleaning and tidying !!??!!??

Reading that post which reminded me that Ms H shares her birthday with St. John, struck me as nothing short of cool, and in turn inspired me to find out who else shares a birthday on September 23rd ...

It turns out that in addition to Coltrane, September 23rd is ALSO the birth date of Julio Iglesias, Bruce Springsteen AND Ray Charles ... makes me wonder if there is something musical in this particular date on the calendar!!??!!??

As Ms H. begins her band programme at school and will soon chose an instrument (she's leaning to the French Horn ... Noahkila is on the Tenor Sax), perhaps the magical mystery tour that IS the 23rd of September will offer her some cosmic connection to the art of music that will carry her forward in her life ...

One can always hope !!!???

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laughing pastor said...

my've been cleaning that dining room for days! can we eat with you yet?