Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How Bad Does it HAVE to Be???

The social activist in me is simply in awe at the actions of the Buddhist Monks and Nuns of Mynamar ... their commitment to justice and peace is simply breath-taking.

And now thier ranks are being joined and swelled by ordinary folks joining their protest.

I hope leaders of Relgious groups around the world are taking notes ... THIS is what faith really is about - commitment, action, and risk all in the name of CHANGE ... I can't help but think that it's like Ms Frizzle from The Magic School bus telling her kids - "take chances, make mistakes and get messy !!!"

The monks of Mynamar are showing us the way ... they're taking an enormous chance, ... can't honestly say they're making a mistake ... and beyond being outside the confines of their monasteries, they aren't really getting all that messy ... but the lesson they are teaching is UNIVERSAL ... Faith demands action otherwise it's meaningless and empty ... and that is perhaps the most bitter pill for we of the West to swallow ...

How many of us would stand on the streets and cheer these brave men of faith on ??

How many of us would instead sit sipping our coffee in front of our flat screen tvs and
scoff and seeth at their actions ??

How many of US (that's you and I) would dare to join them and take the chance of changing our world for the better ??

(I know where I would be ...)

The one question I have though is - HOW BAD DO THINGS HAVE TO BE to tick off Buddhist monk THIS badly????

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