Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just to recap ... For your Blogging Pleasure ...

I've been discovering some wonderful new blogs lately that have moved on to my daily read listing ... I thought today, a lazy Saturday morning would be a good moment to share some of them, and to add them to the side bar ... Many of the bloggers below have come folks I "chat" with via emails ... they are bigger personalities than their blogs reflect, and I am pleased to count them as cyber-friends ... and it is always a highlight to find a message from any of them in my inbox ... So, to say thank you - I offer their amazing, ecclectic and delightful Blogs for YOUR perusal:

I will begin though, with a not so gentle reminder to check out the "old" standards on the side bar like At The Half Note, Aerophant, I Can Fly Just Not Up, Ramblings and Reflections, Alma's Soulfood and Hawaiian Girl.

In recent weeks I've discovered and highlighted here The Assertive Cancer Patient, The Laughing Pastor, Wanderin' Weeta, and PT Pastor.

And in the last couple of days I've discovered two new to me blogs that are worth sharing. started as a means of blowing off steam by a young mom in the States, then in 2005 came the diagnosis of cancer and her blog began to chronicle the journey. The tone is irreverent and humourous and like other blogs journaling life with Cancer, Deb's Blog simply affirms the preciousness and the importance of life ... Check her blog out ... she'll bring a tear to your eye with the poignant entries, and make you smile and laugh too!!

Up in The Night, is the blog of a young mom also in the States and her musing, reflections and comments on living a life in transition. Also a place that affirms life in it's fullness this blog is filled with love, laughter and reflection on the way life goes some times. This blog is just fun ... check it out ...

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shauna said...

Thanks, Shawn, for highlighting my lil ole blog! (And more than that, thanks for calling me "young"). I've been enjoying your blog myself. And how prolific are you? This looks like at least 10 posts over the weekend! Aaaamazing!