Monday, September 24, 2007

Pssst !!! ... "I've still got it !!!"

Today after re-reading my previous post on the "touch" and baking, I realized that I haven't made a batch of baking soda biscuits in quite awhile ... So while the inspiration was fresh, I started supper early in the day ... I browned a batch of stewing beef and started pulling together a stew of fall veggies and left overs that were crowding out the fridge ...

At 5:30, to the delight of all, dinner was served: a beef-veggie stew, mashed potatoes, mexican jumping bean salad (thanks to Farm Girl Fare), and fresh biscuits right out of the oven !!! (I will confess that they weren't up to snuff for me ... I had to substitute margarine for shortening...)

We also didn't eat in the dining room (sorry, LP !!??) ... but there were NO COMPLAINTS as we ate in the kitchen !!!! The only comment was from a narrow eyed Ms H, who asked in her conspiratorial tone: "Did you use MY recipe for the bisquits??"

"NO," I answered truthfully, "I used MINE!!"

I'm just relieved I still have the touch!!
Thanks Grandma !!!

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laughing pastor said...

hey...i've emailed you thrice...have they gotten to you? our road runner is really acting strangely! i'm ready to write the fingers can't keep up with my brain!