Monday, September 17, 2007

Day Three ... It's been a good day !!

Today is day three of my journey taking Ritalin ... I was and remain hesitant and reluctant to take the route of pharmaceuticals, but ... In discussion with my Doctor it seemed like a reasonable option, and for now we're monitoring things and seeing what happens ...
Today I noticed that I lack the nervous energy that has long driven me ... I feel more calm and centred ...
I also noticed when I opened a harsh criticism in my "comments" section here, that I didn't take it personally, but instead read it and was able to laugh ... Not sure if this means my hyper-sensitivity has been lessened or not ... but my reaction was different!!
I won't say it is ALL the Ritalin. After reading Gabor Mate's book Scattered Minds, I know that exercise, eating properly and getting adequate rest are factors in living with ADD. Lately I've been getting lots of exercise, I've really been eating properly and lately I've actually been sleeping well ... So, perhaps the Ritalin in concert with good self care have done it ... whatever it is I feel different than I have for a long time.
Overall though, today has been a very, very good day. I've gotten a lot of biking done. I had some great chats with some friends. AND, I managed to clean the entrance way of the House so it looks less like the sight of an unexpected volcanic eruption ... Then I ended the day by preparing a meal of roast chicken (locally raised), roast potatoes (from Ms. H & Beetle's garden), roast carrots, frozen peas (both bought at Co-op), beets and beet greens (again from the girls' gardens), stuffing, and two salads - Mediterranean Tabouli and Mexican Jumping Bean Salad (see Farmgirl fare for recipe). It was a great way to end the day ...
Oh, and the picture ... apparently it is Ritalin recrystallized and photographed under a microscope !!!!


laughing pastor said...

good news....good day....good for you...hope tomorrow is just as good.

mary said...

good for you.. hope today begins a streak of wonderful days.

We started my son on Ritalin at age 14. Just gave it to him without any fanfare. He came home from school the first day and said that he didn't know what i gave him but he could think that day.

Hallelujah for pharmaceuticals and the doctors who prescribe them


shauna said...

It sounds like you're on a good path for you. I wish you the best.

And congrats on sending out queries--I couldn't be more proud if I were your mother! That's just great. Good luck, and keep me posted.