Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This Woman ROCKS !!!!

I wanted my 1000th Post here to be something special,
and after I posted this I learned it was my 1000th post.
Inadvertently, I made it something special !!!
so with no further adieu:
Prairie Preacher's One Thousandth BLOG ENTRY:
I'm not exactly sure how I found this blog ... I think I was following links from one blog to another when I stumbled upon "The Assertive Cancer Patient" I'm not even sure how to describe this blog, beyond saying - it is an absolute affirmation of life in the face of inoperable cancer. -

But more than that, there is an undercurrent of humour that under girds all that Jeanne writes.
Moreover she has taken her blog to a new territory in her quest for a Canadian Man open to dating and marriage with a 50 something woman living with cancer ... click on her blog and check it out ... She has raised an issue worth reflecting on.

As a Canadian, we take our health care for granted, but when hear about the struggles some American cousins go through it makes me very very appreciative of what we have. I applaud Jeanne in her quest - even if she isn't successful finding a man willing to take her up on her offer - something I find hard to believe - her raising of this issue in the milieu of living with cancer is awe inspiring.

I particularly liked her suggestion earlier that perhaps she and a young black woman from Vancouver could get married ... I laughed and laughed and laughed ... Jeanne and her blog truly rock - check it out and drop her a line, particularly if you're a single guy looking for a new friend!!


Jeanne said...

Shawn--thanks for the post about me, and for the kind words. I really like the look and feel of your blog.


debutaunt said...

Heck, I'd change sexual orientation for good healthcare benefits.

Jeanne is awesome (sorry, I'm not stalking... really!)