Thursday, September 28, 2006

From a Dad to his Daughters ...

I was looking something up today on the net, and discovered, much to my sadness that the author of one of my favourite pieces of "feminist" poetry had died. It's a piece that I read often and say as a prayer for my daughters ... it's a piece written by a woman of the Iroqouis people, that embraces many of the hopes and dreams and aspirations we have for our daughters ...

Charlotte Tall Mountain died in June after a battle with cancer - she was only 64 ... this is one of her beautiful and reflective pieces ... I say it as a prayer for Ms. H and Beetle often, and for the beautiful young women what I meet everyday who are going to go out into the world and make a HUGE difference ...

Thanks for your words Charlotte, and thanks to those young women who make these words real:

For Love of the World by Charlotte Tall Mountain

For the love of a tree,
she went out on a limb.

For the love of the sea,
she rocked the boat.

For the love of the earth,
she dug deeper.

For the love of community,
she mended fences.

For the love of the stars,
she let her light shine.

For the love of spirit,
she nurtured her soul.

For the love of a good time,
she sowed seeds of happiness.

For the love of the Goddess,
she drew down the moon.

For the love of nature,
she made compost.

For the love of a good meal,
she gave thanks.

For the love of family,
she reconciled differences.

For the love of creativity,
she entertained new possibilities.

For the love of her enemies,
she suspended judgment.

For the love of herself,
she acknowledged her worth.

And the world was richer for her...

Hey Ms. H, and Beetle
and all the wonderful young women in the world:
Go and make a difference !!!

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itzktb said...

Thanks for this Rev. S., I'll give it to Annie as well.