Monday, September 18, 2006

Hey !!?? .. You want to rephrase that ???

So Noahkila and I are doing the dishes tonight, I'm washing, he's drying, in the background the music for the soundtrack from "O Brother Where Art Thou" is playing ... we're having a good time ...

Periodically, the younger sister Ms H, comes in be a nuisance and generally, just to wreak havoc, as is her want ...

Then in the middle of it Noahkila, frustrated with his sister turns to me and posits the blame for the blight that are little sisters in his life by saying:

N: "You know what's frightening?"

Dad: "No, what?"

N: "That they let you reproduce?"

Dad: "Excuse me?""

N: "It's scary that they let you have kids?"

Dad: "What?"


Dad: "You want to rethink that, SON ?"

N: "Um ... OH (the penny dropped) ... ah crap ... never mind ..."

Dad: "yeah, that's what I thought ..." (Laughing ... )

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