Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What if ...

Last night I was reading a piece by Robert Fulghum in which he described Communion as something far more then just the sacrament celebrated by the Christian Church. He talked of the leisure by which the bread (everyday food) and wine (special aged and prepared food) are enjoyed over laughter, conversation and companionship. To him, communion is NOT a matter of scarfing back the bread and the wine and rushing back out the door - it's a case of tasting, savouring and enjoying. So it got me thinking ... What if we banned Fast Food?

I don't mean - what if we banned the food itself, but what if we banned the FAST element of the food?

No more drive thrus?
No more restaurants with 10 minute parking limits?
No more rushing in and grabbing a burger and rushing out?
No more just scarfing back the burger alone and overeating ?

What if we again took joy in the preparation and presentation of food?
What if we again sat around the table as friend and family and enjoyed each others' company?
What if we dared to take time to eat ... to make each meal an act of human communion?
What if we again made the gift of food something HOLY and SACRED rather then see it as fuel?

What if ... What if we dared to live our lives like food was a gift from God?
Makes you wonder how different the world could be ...

(By the way - those aren't MY kids ... just thought I should clarify that)

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itzktb said...

I look at those poor little boys in the photo and see two kids already on their way toward diabetes, heart disease, not to mention a life of feeling physically spent and having a hard time making friends. And I wonder, are parents THAT STUPID? I allow my child Mac Donald’s, at most, 4 times in a year (and even then I cringe), but the kids in the photo, in my opinion, are the victims of a serious form of child abuse. What's the answer?????